Third Exhibition and the first Conference of Iranian Producers in Metro Industry

The third exhibition and the first conference of Iranian producers held by Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Operation Company (TUSROC) and participated by groups of domestic officials, industrialists, academics and researchers. This exhibition was at Goft-o-Gou Park within an area of 4,000 m2 during Dec. 13 – 15, 2016.

More than 100 domestic manufacturers of parts, subway-related industries, academic centers and universities, as well as companies active in the field of urban transport participated in the event, where the scene was set for introducing domestic capabilities and capacities, exchanging ideas and knowledge, and identifying barriers ahead. Furthermore, along with this exhibition, the “first conference of Iranian producers in metro industry” was held. At this one-day event Dr. Ahmadi Bafandeh, CEO of Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co., declared “our emphasis on localization doesn’t mean we want to disconnect from the world and strictly supply our demands by domestic productions; we are rather looking forward to enhance our specialized knowledge”

During the event, the deputy for transportation operations of TUSROC pointed out to the significant steps taken in supporting domestic manufacturers in recent years and added: “thanks to all the support undertaken in urban administration, we are now at 50% and 49% self-sufficiency in supplying frequently used parts across DC and AC fleets, respectively”.

Regulation of the third section of national standards on safety, manufacturing of 100%-Iranian subway platform screen doors and the manufacturing of metro third rail by an Iranian knowledge-based company, and localizing of communication transmitters by researchers at Toosi University of Technology were among the most important achievements celebrated at this exhibition.

Moreover, during the exhibition, 50 memorandum of understandings (MOU) were signed in between TUSROC and outstanding companies within the scope of rail transit, among which were the MOU’s finalized on research and development in three areas, such as guiding elements for deaf people, designing, and constructing of steel parts for the specific path for blind and visually impaired people, and consideration of rail industry-related metal parts with precision casting.

After three days of holding, the 3rd exhibition of Iranian producers in metro industry came to end with a closing ceremony participated by the CEO of TUSROC.