Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co.


Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. (TWM Co.) was established as an Irano-Chinese joint-venture for the purposes of manufacturing metro and double-deck cars, in February 2004.

The TWM Factory was constructed on a parcel of land measuring 100,000. Sq.m in area, located at the Jafar-Abad District in southern Tehran. During the first phase, 29,000. Sq.m of saloons required for assembly ofdouble-deck and metro cars were constructed in 2006.

Subsequently, the saloon and other buildings required for manufacturing of double-deck car-bodies were constructed with a floor-area of 21,000. Sq. meters.

Car-body Manufacturing Hall

The facilities required for manufacturing of double-deck car-body structures, together with those needed for manufacturing of carbon-steel and Al-alloy metro car-body structures are available and any of the above-mentioned car-body structures can be manufactured as per the orders placed by the Customers.

The Components Manufacturing Workshop, located at the north-western wing of the Manufacturing Hall is equipped with all necessary machinery and is capable of manufacturing more than 400 wagon-related metal parts, including, battery-boxes, air-conditioning system cases, ducts of A/C system; blocks to be placed at the floors of the Al-alloy cars and on-board lighting equipment of the cars.

Painting Hall

Due to significant role of paint played in service-life of metro-cars, there are four fully-equipped painting-halls at the Factory of TWM Co. in which full painting-operations for various types of cars are carried-out.

Assembly Hall

Considering the floor-area and facilities available at the Assembly-Hall, it is practically possible to simultaneously work on 35 units of double-deck cars and also metro-cars of C.S. and Al-alloy car-bodies, in addition to inter-city rail-vehicles per month.

Further, various assembly-lines of cars, A/C system manufacturing workshop and cable-tree workshop are located in the Assembly-Hall Dynamic Tests, in addition to the train commissioning and delivery tests are carried-out on the Test Line.

Manufacturing Capacity:

The annual capacity of this Factory per one working-shift includes the assembly of 620 units of metro-cars, 72 units of double-deck cars and manufacturing of 140 units of metro-cars in addition to 72 units of double-deck car-body structures.

Repair Works:

One of the most important technical capabilities of TWM Co. is performance of various types of repair-works (periodic & overhaul) of the whole fleet of electrical rail-vehicles of Tehran Metro. Further, TWM Co. is responsible for maintenance and major repair-works (overhauls) of auxiliary rail-vehicles, such as diesel-locomotives, draisine (inspection & maintenance rail-car) for repair of Overhead Catenary System (OCS) and flat-cars, in addition to maintenance and repair of Workshop-related equipment.

Range of Products of TWM Co

  • The Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. produces metro cars, as well as double-deck cars.
  • The metro-cars are of both Carbon-steel and Aluminum-alloy car-body structures.
  • This Co. is the exclusive manufacturer of Al-alloy metro-cars in Iran. Further, TWM Co. which is the one and only producer of double-deck cars in the Middle-East, is capable of manufacturing the steel-structure of double-deck cars and also assembly of such cars.