Priorities of TUSROC: Improving Customer Satisfaction and Increasing Productivity

Tehran metropolis with a population of over ten million people has always encountered many problems, such as air pollution and traffic jams. Hence, during recent decades, large projects have been operated to solve these problems, which one of the most important solutions was the construction and operation of the subway.

Since the metro operating in 1999, development and improvement in TUSROC (Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Company) has always been one of the main priorities of Tehran's urban management. Today TUSROC, as one of the best public transportation company in the Middle East with nearly 2 million trips per day, contains five lines and 111 stations overall, and (194km) line. Currently, new urban management has taken a new approach so we arranged an interview with the new MD of TUSROC, Mr. Farnoosh Nobakht, to know the company vision in the coming years.

As the first question, would you please tell us the policies of TUSROC in the new urban management?

Quality service development is one of our policies to enhance our passengers’ satisfaction.

So what will be the main objectives of TUSROC?

To achieve this policy, the work system in this company should be clear. We try to improve the services, eliminate the current deficiencies and complete the projects. TUSROC is the most important company in public transportation in Tehran so for expansion of lines it certainly needs knowledge-oriented management. 

Could you explain your priorities for qualified services?

Maximum using of capacity, increasing productivity, as well as, improving customer satisfaction; Work in the company should be passenger–oriented. Increasing fleet, and improving comfort and safety for passengers are other activities to reach the best services.

Improving the quality of services in TUSROC is considered as a matter for more passenger satisfaction. Decreasing headway and providing better quality services are issues which encourage passengers to use public transportation more than before.

At last, describe some your activities during your responsibility?

We decreased headway in most lines. For instance, headway in northern part of line 3 decreased from 18 minutes to 10 minutes, Line 4 in peak hours from 5 minutes to 4 minutes, in lines one and two, while peak hours, headway decreased from 5 minutes to 4:30 minutes. A wagon added to trains of line 5 that caused 11 percent ridership increase. So, we enhanced 300 more passengers in every train of line 5. 

We have planned an inclusive program until 2025. We are going to facilitate passengers by fast, safe, and economical trips. We try our best to have the customers more satisfied, to be more efficient in decreasing air pollution, passenger time-wasting and fuel consumption, and to be effective in providing various facilities in stations. Above all, we encourage low-income people to use metro system.

Thanks for your kind attention!