Khodro Service Shahr Corporation

Khodro Service Shahr Co. on its way to become a transportation Holding

Khodro Service Shahr Co. as an operational company in transportation has tried for around three decades of its activities to play an adequate role in transportation in Tehran and bring about comfort and security in busy urban life by planning to eliminate unnecessary traffic and providing efficient vehicle services. The success of this company in the mentioned field has made it to proudly gain the trust of the higher management of Tehran Municipality and several other state organizations. Now in a new phase of its activities, Khodro Service Shahr is on its way to become a transportation holding. Among the programs to reach this objective are stepping into wireless taxi service, garbage collection and disposal due to the high potential of the company in heavy machinery, urban services and de-icing, car rental provided in all representatives along several other services.

We regard driving as a “Profession” in the first place. Based on this perspective, we seriously follow the program of “driver training” as one of the few companies in Iran that utilize it and closely supervise the “qualification system” for our driver colleagues. Khodro Service Shahr is a family as wide as to encompass all those who contemplate on the efficiency and utilization of transportation for their needs. Our final objective is providing the best utilization for our service customers through the provision of optimized services. We believe in the job security of the drivers too and have their comfort and satisfaction strongly taken into consideration in order to uphold the whole well-being of the system. Therefore, a main portion of our endeavors is focused on the “veneration of the drives” and provision of facilities and services for them.

Abuzar Mokhtari
The executive manager and member of the board of Khodro Service Shahr Co. 

History of “Khodro Service Shahr”

The Tehran Municipality established “Vanet Service” Co. in 1992 as a powerful service provider in the field of urban transportation within the framework of privatization policy. Among the initial objectives of “Vanet Service” Co. were the organizing of Municipality transportations, integration of the operational directives in the field of transportation and cost reduction of vehicle maintenance.

In 2004, this company changed its name to “Khodro Service Shahr” and with time expanded its activities and services significantly towards its objectives insofar as now, besides the Tehran Municipality departments, several organizations, companies and institutes outside the Municipality have made contracts with this company because of its satisfactory services and all benefit from the services provided by this company.

Unique features and advantages

“Khodro Service Shahr” Co. with close to three decades of experience in the field of transportation and utilization of experienced and skilled personnel and diverse vehicles, vans, buses, urban city machinery and related services, has developed unique features for required transportation services so that nowadays more than 6000 vehicles of this company are used by state ministries, organizations, and state and private institutes as well as organizations and regions of the Tehran Municipality.

Administrative automation and smart systems

“Khodro Service Shahr” Co. possesses a thorough infrastructure for identification, integration and control of administrative and executive processes based on the communication with contractual parties. Such services conform to the requirements of the customers in the field of transportations and services. Some of the technologies used in the provision of services by this company include:

Efficient utilization of electronic devices in order to realize Electronic City

The website of Khodro Service Shahr Co. at fully introduces the capabilities and features of the company in order to provide the best vehicle services, accurate and practical information for the customers and contractual parties. Availability of vehicle service rates, familiarization with different services of the company in light and heavy vehicles, access to the latest reports, documents and references, etc. are among the information provided by the website for the customers.

Electronic Services System

“Electronic Services System” of Khodro Service Shahr Co. has been initiated with the objective of expediting and facilitating the provision of distant services and in to branches of “affairs related to the contractual units” and “connection with contractor drivers”.

Get familiar with multiple services of “Khodro Service Shahr”

Among the different and unique services of Khodro Service Shahr, are multiple light and heavy vehicle services covering transportation, tourism, group services for state and private offices, organizations and institutes, full-time vehicle service, vehicle and equipment services in road construction, de-icing, VIP vehicle services and utilization of different and exclusive taxi fleet.

Light Vehicle Section

The provision of services as sedan car, van and motorcycles to state and private offices, organizations, companies and institutes, are made due to the type of the customer orders, in different forms such as: with/without driver, hourly, agent, daily full-time, monthly and fully exclusive.

Road Construction, De-icing and Urban Services Section

These services are professionally provided with different types of heavy machinery, urban service, road construction and de-icing facilities, due to a contract and as monthly or hourly services.

Group Servies Section

The provision of services for transportation by different types of vans, buses (ordinary and VIP) to state and private offices, institutes, organizations and companies.

VIP Vehicles Section

VIP vehicle services can be provided as exclusive services due to the requirement of the employer for the transportation of foreign and domestic guests.

Parking Management

Khodro Service Shahr Co. in ordet to expand its activities in the field of transportation, has added “the management and utilization of multi-storey car parks” of Tehran to the range of its activities. The necessity to control and appropriate economic utilization of multi-storey car parks of Tehran, has caused this company to attempt at this important task with the management of parking lots of Tehran Municipality regions.

Car rental at all representatives

Expansion of the services in different sections such as car rental and addressing the diverse requirements of the customers have been always one of the priorities of this company. Thus, the possibility of “car rent” has been provided for citizens residing in Tehran at the centers and representatives of this company, and citizens can get “car without driver” services by contacting representatives of Khodro Service Shahr Co. In such centers there is also the possibility of providing VIP vehicles for the citizens.

Initiation of a Smart System for the Call Center Management

The initiation of a smart system for the management of “Online Taxi” is a response to the growing need of the market for the utilization of such services. The ease of use of such system, its speed and accuracy in the provision of services and indeed the “well-fare” and “safety” are among the advantages of the services provided by the Online Taxi unit of Khodro Service Shahr. Co.

Garbage Collection and Disposal

With regard to the potentials of the company in heavy machinery and urban services and de-icing facilities and the necessity of completing such services in Tehran, it was decided to provide the services of garbage collection and disposal, and in doing so the Khodro Service Shahr Co. by purchasing urban services machinery obtained the grade from the Organization of Waste disposal.


  • Certificate of Qualification for Transportation from the Ministry of Labor
  • HSE Certificate (management system of Health, Safety and Environment) from Shahr Salem (healthy city) Company of Tehran Municipality
  • Membership of the International Union of Public Transport (UITP)
  • Private Taxi Utilization permit within Tehran from the Organization of Management and Supervision of Taxis in Tehran.
  • Exclusive Representative of Organization of Management and Supervision of Taxis in Tehran in the Agencies Section.
  • Courier permit
  • ISO Standard Certificate