Call for Identification of Investors

Traffic and Transportation Organization of Tehran Municipality, I.R. Iran

Subject: Identification and Evaluation of Investors for Concession Bike-sharing System at Tehran Central Districts 

Tehran Traffic and Transportation Organization (TTTO) on behalf of Tehran Municipality envisages identification and primary evaluation of legal persons for concession of establishment, operation and maintenance of the bike-sharing system at Tehran Central Districts (Project), based on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contractual framework, with a view to promote quality and efficiency of the first and the last trips, reducing air pollution of private vehicles, encourage cycling on short trips and increase the sustainable share of bike trips, with the following conditions:

General Specifications of the Project:

  1. The minimum term of the contract includes one year of construction and commissioning period and five years of operation and maintenance period.
  2. The project located in the central regions of Tehran (districts 6, 7, 11 and 12) with an approximate area of 35 square kilometers. The exact boundary of the project will be determined according to system requirements such as transportation network connectivity.
  3. The initial number of the intended bicycles would be 15250 devices, all of which should be city, multi-gear bike, and part of them may benefit the hybrid technology.
  4. Based on the Bicycle Master Plan of Tehran, 152500 daily trips are expected up to 5 years of starting bike-sharing operation.
  5. TTTO's approach to the project is providing non-resource financing by the Investor. Nevertheless, the incentive package may be presented towards the reduction of public user’s payments.
  6. Type of the system and its technical details (such as kiosk-rack system, GPS system or combination of both) could be proposed by the applicants. TTTO will declare his final decision in RFP stage, after investigating all the proposals.
  7. In any case, the quality and ease of use for public users are emphasized.
  8. The cycle paths would be constructed by the TTTO or the Iranian partner of the applicant.
  9. The detailed procedure description would be provided on the website of TTTO; (

Minimum Qualifications of the Applicants:

  1. The applicants must have internationally long-term experience in bike-sharing systems proportionate with conditions of the Project.
  2. Non-Iranian Investors would be selected among eligible joint-venture of Iranian and international firms.

Required Documents:

  1. Identification documents including corporate charter, authorized signatories, registration and identification profile (valid address and telephone).
  2. Relevant resume and experiences.
  3. Copy of relevant certificates and licenses.
  4. For non-Iranian investors: copy of joint-venture document with an Iranian party and its characteristics.
  5. A print version of preliminary proposal (first feedbacks) including methodology of the project with a PowerPoint file on CD.

NOTICE #1: All printed documents should be stamped and signed by authorized signatories in a sealed envelope with name of the company and the project.

Proposal Submission Deadline:

45 days after publishing this notice (submitted proposals after the due date will be ignored).

The required documents should be delivered to Green Transportation Development Department of TTTO at:
No.133,North Iranshahr St, Karim Khan Zand Ave, Tehran, Iran.
Postal Code: 1583616515.

NOTICE #2: Interested companies which may send their feedbacks should consider this fact that sending their preliminary proposals makes no financial obligation for TTTO and creates no rights for the applicants.

For more information please visit this website.