Tehran Transportation Master Plans 2013


Tehran, the capital of Iran, a metropolitan with more than 8 million inhabitants and a wide area of 740 square kilometers surface and a 10750 / km2 population density has a complicated traffic network .This city is surrounded by many small and medium and since many industrial and commercial centers are located in Tehran as the most important political and economic city in the country, there are lots of commuters traveling to Tehran and vice versa. As a result the daylight population of Tehran goes to more than 12  million people each day, which makes the traffic situation.

More than 4.2  million vehicles are traveling through Tehran's roads network and traffic congestion has gradually become a major challenge for the Urban Management in the  last 10 years.

The important changes in the population, vehicle supply, a huge shift in land use, new urban development and also the opening of four urban rail lines and the new road infrastructure in Tehran since the last traffic studies were made in 1970s.

   In last 7 years, Tehran Municipality has tried to develop a comprehensive strategic plan  which illustrates "Tehran in 2025". This comprehensive plan was    prepared based on the higher level strategic plan, "Tehran Comprehensive Strategic Development Plan – 2025  Outlook".

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